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About ZukCadStore

Having spent several years designing and creating literally thousands of drawings for electronic systems for aerospace, R&D, military and government projects it seemed that the electrical documentation process should and could be faster in an environment where fast turnaround is critical.

A big part of the solution is to have good quality CAD also turns out that trying to build and organize good CAD libraries while working on projects is very difficult due to time constraints. 

To solve the problem I decided to independently tackle developing professional quality 2D CAD drawing libraries, and also make them available online to other engineers, designers, and drafters working in similar fields or industries.

Hopefully these libraries will help improve your own design & documentation process as well.

Please feel free to use Contact Us form to send any comments, recommendations or feedback about the website, CAD products, or anything else.

Also be sure to ask about organizational use drawing sets, these can be very helpful and more cost effective for organizations with several users creating documentation.

Thank you for visiting ZukCadStore.


Antonio Garcia